Our Team

Time Tested Core Team

Sellulose team has the right mix of experience in sales, marketing and technology to help you create and execute a plan to realize business goals.

Ramakrishna Devulapalli

With more than a decade of experience in international sales, Ramakrishna brings the expertise of enterprise sales in the Sellulose team. He has headed sales teams of companies at the early stages and gradually built a channel of growth in a sustainable manner. He is also an essential part of all the strategic decision-making in Sellulose.

Srikant Rawat

Srikant brings in the expertise of Online Sales and Content Marketing. With more than a decade of experience in entrepreneurship, he is well suited in the dynamic cultural mix of Sellulose. He has worked with multiple brands previous to help them setup the digital marketing process and system keeping in mind the target audience profile.

Rajiv Seelam

Having worked in various products and technologies during the IIT days and after, Rajiv brings the technology acumen to Sellulose team which helps us deliver amazing tools and services that will help businesses reach their objectives. His technology understanding and strategic understanding helps our clients adopt automation in their processes.

Geet Mehar

Geet works with various teams inside Sellulose to make sure that our delivery is top notch under deadline. He helps client set-up and measure necessary KPIs. He has worked with multiple startups while working in a Seed Fund where he helped portfolio teams setup Inside sales process and structure sales team to create an optimized sales machine.