The sales professionals today must understand how to create value for your client’s eyes.Catching a prospect's attention is an art. An art that may take years of expertise and still be a hit-and-a-miss. But with Sellulose ,you can not only effortlessly grab your prospect's attention ,but you can also actively keep a tab on their engagements. Keep your pipeline fully stocked with a steady flow of high-quality leads.

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Email Open tracking & Notification

Know the second a prospect shows a spark of interest.

With email tracking, you get a notification the second a prospect opens your email, Sellulose provides the top-of-the-tier email tracking feature, allowing you to tailor your approach based on user behaviour, so you always reach out at the perfect time. You’ll spend less time chasing cold prospects and more time closing warm leads.

Link Click Tracking & Notification

Stop wondering if a lead "got your email" or if they found it interesting.

You can see which links, and documents were opened and when, then personalize your approach to get the sale.Take the time to personalize your outreach after a lead engages with your emails, and continue to automate outreach to prospects who don't Track quotes and proposals to completion.

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Automation rules remove the need for manual lead assignment and execution. Sellulose handles the heavy lifting for you, and gives you the flexibility to create automation rules to inject the right people into your workflow based on persona, field updates, activity, or account tier.

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Auto Follow-up for One-on-One Email

You can make sure to follow up with the leads when you're already on the minds.

Use notifications to follow up seconds after a lead opens an email, clicks a link, or downloads an important document such as a proposal.

When you reach out at the right time, you can expect more email opens, answered calls, booked meetings, sales.

Auto Drip Campaign for Multiple Contacts

Drip campaign outsmarts traditional email marketing to help your sales process.Embrace true marketing automation with our Bond tools. You’ll easily design compreshensive,drip email campaigns and simplify your sales funnel. Automations can be used to move subscribers in and out of campaigns,apply tags,record conversions,and more.

Email Tracking image
Email Tracking image

Auto Template Loading

Create,sort and insert templates from your compose window and find out which templates get the best results.Load templates automatically to reduce time and effort consumption.You don't have to bet around the bush.Get best results with proven and effective bulit-in templates.Our team always strive to bring the best templates to you.With Sellulose,you can get that conveted response from our prospect.

It's not just a tool which lets you move leads forward in the pipeline, it provides a full analytics suite that gives you an aggregate view into the performance of your overall prospecting team & each individual. You'll get actionable insights on what is the daily reach of your prospecting team & each team member.

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Email Open Rate

Opens, clicks, shares ,bounces- so many things you need to know to make your email performance epic. You asked, and we answered with a complete set of reports, covering even the statistical data of emails that have been opened by prospects, that give you the data you need to learn, revise and exceed your goals .Use data to take actionable insights on when to send emails.

Team Analytics

Sellulose gives sales teams the actionable they need to optimize, performance, improve effectiveness, and scale success. Sellulose can identify how consistently your team is engaging across any given set of accounts. so you know exactly how well your team is adhering to your sales playbook. Performance data helps you identify the cadences, processes, and content that are generating the best results and makes it easy for the team to replicate.

Email Tracking image
Email Tracking image

Drip Campaign Analytics

Our drip campaign analytics suite gives you a bird's eye view into the overall performance of your drip campaigns.The data is easy to decipher,and you'll get actionable insights on how to improve your strategy. Break down complex data into what you really want to know are you being effective.Sellulose makes it easy to understand success,efficiency,and effectiveness at a glance.Surface insights right within your canvas to better understand campaign performance and adapt quickly.

Subject Line Analytics

Optimize every campaign by A/B testing the most the essential element of your email - subject lines.Now you can tap into that gold mine of behavioural data of different subject lines to quickly lock on the best choice for a prospect- and watch your cold prospects melt away.It's this type of campaign data that lets you build and improve your email marketing strategy.

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