How Rectangle digital expanded into global markets with scalable processes.



Rectangle Digital is a team of Digital Marketing enthusiasts,which specializes in campaign management and optimization. They have a portfolio of publishers and self-published games,with more than 100 million downloads across the gaming vertical. summing it up with brevity, they build customized solutions for publishers to best maximize their revenue,while maintaining their advertising standards intact.


Hemmed in prospecting reach with no tab on prospecting efforts.

Prior to Sellulose, Rectangle Digital faced an issue which almost every B2B business face at some point of their dream run. They were threatened by the malice of limited reach of their prospecting efforts.

As if constrained reach wasn't trouble enough, it saturated their revenues. They wanted to put more top-funnel leads into their sales program at scale.

They even tried to outsource their prospecting activity to another company but they couldn't give desired results and they were costly.

They were looking for a subcontractor whose services would complement their existing sales program.

And on top of it all, Rectangle Digital had no clue about their team's outreach efforts. Such a crass cacophony led their substantial prospecting efforts to a disoriented & dishevelled futility.


At the brink of such constraints, Sellulose steps into picture. It turned out that suggesting an alternate methodology for prospecting in their sales process was the panacea for their ailing sales propaganda.

Since their business model was completely digital, we suggested them to set about reaching out to new businesses in other geographies as well. They took advantage of the flexibility of digitally & scalable prospecting process, an area wherein they lacked before.

Another breakthrough for Rectangle Digital came in the form of using the data sourcing service of Sellulose to reach relevant businesses. This data consisting of direct official email ids of decision makers in Digital marketing departments of Target profile customers proved to be gold for them.

Using Sellulose Tool to send drip campaigns drastically reduced their manual work to reach business via. Emails. Automation helped prospecting team save more time and focus more on setting up online meetings.

The initial engagement took a few weeks to implement in terms of email setting for better domain reputation and warming up the mailbox for bigger campaigns but the wait was worth the return. The leads they reached were strong and they got more responses which led to more meetings.

Backed by bona fide data and analytics, their sales managers were able understand daily and weekly prospecting done by each team member. This helped in optimizing & synchronizing team efforts and heighten the performance of each team member. Managers were now able to have fruitful team meetings back by clear data in terms of number of businesses reached, why is open rate low or high and which templates are working or not working.

Overall, Rectangle digital improved in following aspects with their new prospecting process.

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AUTOMATION – Automation in prospecting to reach 100 prospect per day with just 10 minutes of work, Automate multiple followup to 100 more prospects each day with zero work.

Moment of interest capture – Get real-time notification of recently opened emails over an Android app as well as Browser.

TIME SAVED – Templates, Send Later, Reminder, Notes help you save tons of time. Team templates help manager share effective templates with everyone.

REPORTING – Team analytics, each team member analytics, Open rate, Number of emails sent daily weekly & monthly, Template analytics.

CAMPAIGN ANALYTICS – Analytics for each stage of drip campaign along with Open rate, reply rate, list of people who opened & replied.

THE SERVICES – Get list of direct official email ids of decision makers as per your requirement. Targeted outbound gives better results.