Sales Follow Up Made Easy
Follow Up Reminder, Follow Up Automation, Follow Up Templates
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Automate followup for every sales email manually sent from mailbox!


Send campaigns with dedicated IP for higher delivery!

Email & Link Tracking

Find out who opened your email and who is clicking on the link shared with real-time notification inside Gsuite.

Start Tracking
Email tracking sales automation
Email templates sales automation

Send later, Reminders and, templates to increase productivity

 You can schedule emails when you have time and not wait for the right time.

Reminders help you never miss an important email.

Use templates and avoid retyping repetitive emails

Get Productive

Reach leads at scale with a better response rate

Easily reach 50-100 leads per day and automate multiple follow-up for all of them.

Smart follow-up designed to increase open rate and response rate.

Reply tracking disables follow-up to lead who reply.

Send a Campaign
Sales force automation email campaign automate followup
Boost Revenues

Increase overall conversion rate with sales automation features to put more interested leads in the pipeline and free your time to focus on more qualified leads.

Integration with Work-Flow

We integrate with your Email and CRM systems so that you don’t have to change your workflow or learn any new technology.
All the data is secure and right inside your existing work systems.

Built to save time

The entire tool is designed by salespeople with the focus of saving time and enhancing productivity. You will be able to reach more leads and follow-up better.

Prospecting Analytics

Right set of analytics to help you take actions with the help of data.
Find out best-performing campaigns specific to geography, industry, company size or any other criteria you might want.

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Add automation to your Sales and increase revenues by 30%

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